Timothy Eugene Farley (1970-2015)

By: Sam Lowe (Publisher-Texas Hoops 2/11/2015)

Often in this world of basketball we live in, we get caught up in so many “things”. Numbers. Wins. Losses. Rankings. Stats. Fun things to talk about and quibble about but when you get the news we got today…all those things seem unimportant. Shortly after lunch on Wednesday, we received the sobering message from Central Texas – “Tim Farley died suddenly this morning, please spread the word.”

Of course the first thoughts that spread through the office were “how”, “what happened”, “why”. But after the shock sat in, a still sadness sat over the room. Tim had attended Great American Shoot-Outs since the calendar turned over to a new century. He didn’t necessarily have the biggest and best team in the state each summer, but he had a big heart, a big smile and good motives.

He openly talked with me about some of his decisions as a young man. He knew he had made some missteps and he wanted to lead the young men of Central Texas in the right direction. He talked with passion about his desire to help young basketball players meet their goals on the court and get a college education. He wanted to show these young men what they could accomplish with hard work and good decisions. He was real.

I sat with him in a hospitality room in Killeen during the Christmas holidays and he talked about past players with pride. He shared their success stories and was genuinely excited about the men he had impacted. He called a week ago with excitement in his voice. He had a new list of players he was eager for us to see. He had a whole spring and summer of basketball planned out.

So the news today was like a kick in the gut. If the basketball world is a fraternity, we all lost a brother Wednesday. The players of Central Texas lost a special advocate who was there for them and pushed for their success and recognition.

 We at Texas Hoops and Great American Shootout lost a FRIEND.

Tim…you will be missed this summer and for years to come. You had an impact. RIP my friend.


Statement on Behalf of CTX Athletic Association:

Timothy Eugene Farley was a man of high character and dedicated his life to helping young men in Austin, and the surrounding areas, chase their dreams. He made such an impact in countless lives and that will be the part everyone misses. He had a “larger than life” personality but his HEART was bigger than any feature he possessed.
We love you and will miss you dearly Big Tim! Rest easy Big fella!

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